#Writephoto: Thursday Photo Prompt #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Honour #writephoto




Image by scvincent.com


Stone Monuments

When visiting churches, cathedrals,

Reading history’s names on the floor

Stone coffins line the walls

Images of Knights with shield and sword

Their stories told, their honour served

Poets corner whispers of stories yet to tell

Those with pen in hand take up the mantle.

All these things remind me of honour passed

I greet each new day, glad to have woken

To honour the day without moaning

I feel the same about the blackbird

That wakes me in the morning

Again in the evening, telling me

To wind down, to rest.

The way sound whispers

Through the alleys as I pass

The way we forced our breath

Across an empty milk bottle

To make an eerie sound

Someone reading their work

Filling my ears with their meaning

So different from reading

Quietly by yourself.

Music to lift the broken day

All this I hold in high esteem.

Too many unsung heroes to list here

In every walk of life, past and present

Not only the dead, there are many

Living who never get a mention

The postman, the men who

Take our rubbish away,

Rain or shine, they are out there.

I think I had better shush now

And honour the silence…




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