Caffeine: it’s the universe’s way of apologizing~Barb Taub #humor #sleep

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Reblogged from Barb Taub:

Last night, I heard coughing. It sounded like it was coming from beneath me.*

*[No, of course not. The Hub wasn’t even home. Get your mind out of that gutter.]

I sat up, stumbled out of bed and straight into what the dog had just thrown up.**

**[Yes, of course the Hub was in another city. It’s one of his superpowers. When someone at our house barfs, he’s usually in another city. Often another country. Frequently, another hemisphere…]

My children are grown. My grandchildren have their own parents on whom to barf. So what karmic imbalance dictates that I’m still being roused in the middle of the night?

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