Night demons


They come in the night,
Cowardly, taking advantage
Over the tired and weary,
Weak and vulnerable,
Where sleep is a distant friend.
Defences down, they invade dreams:
Lurking in shadows,
From darkness they creep,
A Silent Menace
On the attack.
No faces, threatening hands,
A blade glistens,
Cuts, slices,
Blood flows,
Organs exposed:
So real, so terrifying,
Fear steals vital breath
And voice,
Silent screams echo
In emptiness.
Heartbeat quickens,
Halfway between sleep
And waking
Realise it’s a dream:
Fists fly,
Strength finds a tremor,
A whimper, a whisper,
Calls, cries,
A cold nose presses,
Fur warming,
Flanked by a hand.
Love’s presence,
Shows tenderness,
Calms, soothes,
Demons retreat,
Defeated once more.

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