A matter of perspective.

Tallis Steelyard

a matter of perspective

It is strange how something can look entirely different when seen from a unusual angle. Then suddenly the perspective resolves itself and you finally understand what you’re looking at.

This happened to me as I walked down Rastacallan lane. If you know it, you’ll know that the terrace to the left is set down below the level of the lane and there are steps down to each front door. They’re not steep steps, and each step is large enough for children to play Slow-go with pebbles on a board scratched onto the step. Anyway I glanced down toward the terrace as I walked down the lane. There was a strange shape sprawled across one set of steps. I stared at it briefly then realised it was an elderly lady who had tripped and fallen so her legs were higher than her head and her shopping was scattered across the stones.

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