#writephoto – A Fragrant Journey – #shortstory

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

Beauty knows no certain path, it winds about and returns. I found myself lost in an almost labyrinth of roses and lavender, in full bloom, permeating my senses. The decadent scent left me feeling heady and light, at the same time. How I wished I could keep these feeling with me all the time.

Journeying, first to the right, then left, and finally ahead of me, if I turned around, I always found myself in the center. Perchance, is this exactly how my life was meant to be, always centered? Yet, the need to explore further beyond the garden, had me off kilter. A very odd feeling, one I didn’t quite understand. Yet.

Deciding to follow the left path beyond the marked ending of it, I walked into the brush of untamed branches, trees, who had been allowed to wander where they may. Yes, I thought, this is me, wandering…

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