Damaris the Elephant Goddess

Jessica Bakkers

This piece comes in response to D Wallace Peach’s Speculative Fiction Prompt. If you haven’t popped over to ‘D’s’ website then get over there and have a gander! While there, have a crack at the prompt…

Damaris the Elephant Goddess

Damaris had carried the world on her back since time began.

In the beginning it was a pleasant task. A labor of love. She spent eons meandering through long, yellow grass, strolling slowly to cause as little disruption to the world on her back as possible. She wound past rocks and skirted hillocks, fearing the uneven terrain would disrupt the world. She forewent bathing in the oasis for fear the world might flood. And every once in a while, she’d reach around with her long, gray trunk and gently touch the world. For her care and consideration, the world’s few inhabitants repaid her with serene adoration. They were quiet…

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