The hoover? Damn…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The dog has got me sussed, it seems,
I can get nothing past her…
No matter what approach I try
She’s always thinking faster.

“I’ll hoover in a minute, girl”
‘We’ll see,’ I see her thinking…
Then launches into mad-dog mode
Without so much as blinking.

We spend the next half hour or so
In play and rough and tumble,
“I really must clean up, now girl…”
‘Oh yeah?’ I hear her mumble.

All innocent she drains her bowl
And looks to me for water,
So dutifully I oblige
And fill it as I ought to.

But she, no longer thirsty,
Is now waiting in the hall,
She grins at me pathetically
And offers me her ball..

Another half an hour gone,
The daylight is receding,
Her eyes are wide, her cheeks sucked in…
Okay, it’s time for feeding.

I can’t disturb her as she eats
The housework is still…

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