Poem, Sober Reality

Crow On The Wire

The sober reality came to me in a dream like all

important thoughts.

My good friend’s life on earth was disappointing.

She tried to achieve things

that she had a passion for.

She would get close

but never quite there.

Whether her confused mind got in the way,

or her choice of pursuit was wrong,

it was never meant to be.

She was destined,

I’m sorry to say,

for an ending

that was melancholy. 

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6 thoughts on “Poem, Sober Reality

  1. Always something I hold synergy with in your poetry. I often see that sadness in older people’s eyes. Hidden deep in war veterans especially who lost childhood along with friends. I see “Why me?” coupled with disbelief at post war generations who think they have it hard. Terrible though, nearing the end and realising life has not gone how the early dreams wanted.

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