Is it a bird?

Tallis Steelyard

Occasionally it happens that somebody is so desperate that they throw common sense to the winds and attempt extravagantly eccentric things. I have never tried to quantify matters but I suspect that there is a point at which the rational mind admits defeat and stands back to allow outlandish stupidity a chance.

If you struggle to believe me, I give you the example of Dolmor Soupwright. He was an apparently intelligent young man with prospects. He had the makings of a decent poet, he was considered sound by actuaries who would happily employ him, and his grasp of logistics mean there were Condottieri who were keen to hire him to manage their supply lines. Yet he lost his head over a maid.

Dame Hardcull was the wife of a Partannese Robber Baron. Admittedly the baron was from North-Central Partann rather than the south, so his robbery consisted more of imposing…

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