Hunger… #Poetry



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Watching the orange moon sail between tall trees

my hunger increased.

My back against the mighty oak, soothing my bones

I wait for orange to turn white, the full moon

For my true self to emerge.

Feed the hunger to remain hidden

deep in my forest home, the last of my kind.

On four legs, men would kill me, take my fur

Once I have fed, I will regain my other self

walk on two legs awhile.

Now I catch the scent of food, mixed with a new scent

human, one I have not come across in many months

They seldom venture here.

She carries another scent with her, a dog, a worse enemy

he sees me, I stand ready for battle

His speed surprised me.

The girl calls, ‘Meeka, stay!’ Obedient, he sat beside her

Our eyes locked.

She was not the kind I had come across before

her eyes the same as mine, the glow of orange lingers

Had she fed recently?

I should run, my heart wants to stay

my head took my feet before I could stop them

Safe beneath my oak, I will see her again

I felt her gaze touch the human in me

I remember, we will mate under moonlight

seek each other in daylight, live our lives in two halves

our souls inseparable, they were made as one…


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