Readers on Reading – Rosie from the UK

All about historical fiction

With over 200 books read each year, Rosie Amber clearly loves to read. She’s 50, lives in the UK and is an eclectic reader and avid book reviewer.

In your opinion, what is the power of fiction? For me, fiction provides, escapism, learning, armchair travel and enjoyment.

What kind of stories are you drawn to? Any you steer clear of? I prefer well written, well edited and well proofread books. A story with deep point of view, multi-layered characters and ones I can empathise with. I dislike dialogue-led books and stories that are all ‘telling’ and not ‘showing’. Info dumping is also a no-no. I also find an epic cast of characters too many to follow. It can mean that the author has filled the book out with characters rather than developing the main ones and making them of interest.

What aspects of an author’s writing make you feel like…

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4 thoughts on “Readers on Reading – Rosie from the UK

  1. Hi Rosie. I completely agree with your ideas about what is essential when choosing/reading a novel. I find over done dialogue boring. Also, too many characters are a big no. And info dumping means the author is struggling with creativity.

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