Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge #DoubleEtheree

Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 129 #SynonymsOnly

This week’s words are  Hobby and Play…


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game is

made for two

no easy hobby

challenge met game on

I have played once before

remember, small also wins

guard your King, for I have Castled

the game is mine, today I shall win

Lay down your King now you must surrender

I fear I may have played my hand too soon

I forgot the small but mighty pawn

my sudden thought of winning dashed

the challenge has been renewed

I have not lost all yet

pleasure still remains

my Bishop strikes

he must move

his king



16 thoughts on “Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge #DoubleEtheree

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  2. Ah, the intricate game of Chess. I saw a news report the other day of a young boy from India who is a natural at the game and just became the second youngest to ever reach the status of Grandmaster- quite the accomplishment!

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