Thursday photo prompt: Bright #writephoto – Light



It was at the exact moment when the sun hit the ground that life was able to surge.

It became contagious, as it moved across the forest floor and the life within the ground strung into action.

The light was food, a substance that helped those wanting to germinate, for those wishing to sprout, for those wanting a little warmth; it was there to satisfy their every need.

Above the ground the creatures opened their arms and took in the light, it not only warmed their hearts but also gave them hope.

As long as the sun shed its light their way, they continued to shine in its glow.

The two-legged forest inhabitants had long marvelled at the power the light generated.

They watched the sun flowers turn their colourful heads towards it and soak up all that was life-giving.

The forest inhabitants took nothing for granted, knowing the light…

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