Spirit House – Part 1

Widdershins Worlds

Most of the time these days my mind is coursing throughout the galaxy with my characters in my new story, (alluded to in my last post) so much so that I’m finding it hard to be present in the here-and-now, and when I do turn up, I’m ambushed by my body that has allergic reactions that put me out of action for three days, or migraines of varying strengths, or just general wear-and-tear on a body that’s spent more than half of it’s existence getting by with one-and-a-half knees.

(I give thanks to Efficacia Herbilaria, the Goddess of the herb, Star Anise on a regular basis this time of year. I’d do the ‘burnt offering’ thing but that would defeat the whole purpose)

It’s no wonder that I wander around in a semi-coherent daze, and want to get back to my galaxy hopping companions with more alacrity…

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