Lord of the Deep: Dancing the Seven Veils

The Silent Eye

File:Myths and legends of Babylonia and Assyria (1916) (14801964123).jpgThe Mother-goddess Ishtar, by Evelyn Paul . Illustration from Lewis Spence: Myths and legends of Babylonia and Assyria (1916)

The first part of the second ritual drama was easy enough to design.

The Trapper…who looked so good in his costume, he should really dress that way all the time… brought the news to Gilgamesh that a strange and wild man had been seen in the forest, running with the animals. A man who could be the King’s double.

Gilgamesh, recognising that this might be the personage whose appearance was prophesied by his dream, ponders how best to address the situation. He cannot be seen to be over-eager to greet this new being… that would be perceived as a weakness…especially as, in that dream, this new being seemed to receive all the adulation normally reserved for himself.  Nor can he ignore the perceived threat of having his ‘double’ roam free within…

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