Happy #FathersDay to the fixers and the keepers #humor

Barb Taub

Although it starts with a piece I wrote years ago (you can tell by the reference to our VCR), this actually IS a Father’s Day post. Promise.

My toaster took early retirement this week. This toaster had never really been happy in its work. In fact, it was a Toaster With An Attitude.


In some places, making toast is a private matter. In my house, it’s a family affair:


  • Toastmaker: Mama, we’re all out of bread.
  • ME: I just bought some.
  • Toastmaker: I can’t find it.
  • ME: Try the kitchen. In that big box on the counter with those huge  B-R-E-A-D letters across the front.
  • Toastmaker: Well, if you’re going to hide it…


  • I also confess to having secreted the butter and jam in the refrigerator. My deviousness knows no bounds.


  • Toastmaker puts bread into the toaster, which…

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