The happiest days of your life.

Tallis Steelyard

the happiest days of your life

There is much to be said for a good education and it must be admitted that Maljie’s mother had the best of intentions. Indeed it appears that this esteemed lady had the best of intentions in many fields but lacked the essential stamina necessary to bring things to fruition. The fact that she carried Maljie for the full nine months, and didn’t find a way to foist that particular task off onto some other unfortunate was a source of unceasing wonder to her friends.

She was the same with matrimony. Apparently, (and here I am reliant upon the memories of others as I never knew the lady in question) she could always be relied upon to know the name of her current husband, but was always somewhat vague as to the names and number of previous occupants of the post. But still, she doubtless meant well.

She arranged for Maljie…

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