The genre question…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Let’s see now…

Mystery, history, romance, or thriller,
Fantasy, sci-fi, or seek for the killer,
Classics, Jurassics, occasional science
Symbolic studies, books on self-reliance,
Alternative therapies, young adult fiction,
Cordon bleu cooking, artistic depiction,
Esoteric theories and Zen meditations
Poems and drama and comic creations,
Old childhood favourites, folklore and fables
Standing stones, pyramids, magical tables,
Anthropological investigations,
How to prepare alcoholic libations,
Autobiography and archaeology
Bee keeping, dog training and herpetology,
Museum catalogues, works on photography
(all that is missing is blatant pornography)
Quantum mechanics, psychology textbook,
Comparative studies… then on to the next book…
“What do you read?” is the question they asked me…
Look at my bookshelves and try to unmask me!
But in their minds the next question is humming,
“What do you write?” Well, I knew it was coming…
The hardest of questions… and its undeniable
“Most of our books? Genre: Unclassifiable…”

See for yourself…

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