Only Time Will Tell #BlogBattle #flashfiction #Intercept

Rachael Ritchey

August 2019 Blog Battle Word Prompt: INTERCEPT

“Only Time Will Tell”

By Rachael Ritchey

June glanced at her watch. The analog hands pointed opposite directions. She tapped the glass and frowned. “Three forty-five. Fifteen minutes until–” She gasped.

Glancing left and right, June stepped out in the road and dashed to the far sidewalk. Cars rushed by, alarm-sensors blaring, but if she didn’t hurry she’d be too late. This could not happen… again.

Tall buildings thrust toward the sky with giant one-way digital billboards filling their windowed surfaces. June ignored her face flashing on the screens and the scrolling text alerting the public to her presence: WANTED. JUNE SILVERTON. DANGEROUS. USE CAUTION. SUSPECT IS 5’ 8” TALL. BROWN HAIR. LAST SEEN WEARING BLACK BLAZER, RED PANTS. CITIZEN ARREST AUTHORIZED.

The only good news was she’d lost the blazer. There was no helping the pants…

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