Tale Weaver – #237 – 22nd August – Weeds


You find them everywhere. Weeds.
This week consider the notion of weeds as your topic to write about.
What does it mean to you? The unwanted plants that grow in your garden? The irritating people in your life? Something others consider a pest but you think otherwise.
Go where the prompt leads you.

Thanks Michael!

We had a lovely buddliah bush in the front garden when we were in the cottage. It was a haven for butterflies and bees.
We had rose bushes too, but they were a bit straggly so had to be ruthlessly cut back.
‘Leave the buddliah though’, I asked when Hubby decided to get outside and tidy things up while I went out.

I came back and the front garden was completely stripped.
‘Where’s the buddliah?’
‘What buddliah?’
‘That beautiful bush with the purple flowers that was in the corner.’
‘Oh. I thought that was…

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