Thursday Inspiration — The Letter and the Text

This, That, and The Other

16D90764-5939-41BC-8810-46B5806C034BChris went to his mailbox and noticed a letter in a pink envelope. He knew immediately that the letter was from his ex-girlfriend, Diana. He ran back into his house, dropped the other mail on the kitchen table, and with trembling hands, carefully opened the pink envelope and started reading the familiar handwriting.

Chris couldn’t believe that, after months of total silence, Diana wrote him this letter. Even more shocking were the words he was reading. She broke up with him six months ago, saying she was moving to Los Angeles in order to “find herself.” It was abrupt, totally unexpected, and devastating. He spiraled into a deep depression from which he was only just now starting to emerge.

But he read her letter and was elated. She wrote that she had made a terrible mistake and that she couldn’t live without him anymore. She practically begged him to forgive…

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