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The phone rang. It was getting late and only one person is likely to call me at that time, so it was no surprise to hear my son’s voice. What was surprising, though, was the tone of the voice that I heard down the line.

“It’s the big sturgeon…” for a moment, I thought it was panic I was hearing. Especially after the tragedy we had with the pond a little while ago, when so many of his fish had been lost to the heat. But he sounded more like a small boy on Christmas morning.  His next words explained that, “…it’s just been eating out of my hand! Er… he doesn’t have teeth, does he?” I reassured him… sturgeons are bottom-feeders; their mouths, situated underneath their heads, extend like the tubes of a vacuum cleaner.

I could quite understand the excitement, though. The big sturgeon is Big with a…

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