Book Review: Tales From The Irish Garden by Sally Cronin and Illustrated by Donata Zawadzla

Pen & Paper

Sally Cronin writes a delightful fairytale that children and adults will love. Beginning with the fact that Fairies are very small beings that have a strong society of their own. With all the same problems that humans have, but how they deal with their problems is quite different than humans. Their communities are quite diverse and that diversity brings them great strength in dealing with a few outliers that cause problems; like the Winter Fairy whose jealousy, insecurity, and mean spirit fail to give him any kind of reward in the end.

It is the kindness and love from the royal family, headed by Queen Filigree that save the day when problems arise in her magic kingdom of Magia. It is quite amazing that so many different beings like honey bees, spiders, voles, rabbits, messenger birds, Fluffy the Dragon, and many other kinds of being, including stone guardians, manage to…

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