When You Can’t Find Your Past Participle

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Hello SErs. Happy Wednesday. Harmony here 🙂

While writing my current book, Exodus, I ran into a little difficulty … well, it felt more like a brick wall, lol. What tripped me up well and truly is a little thing called a past participle (I don’t know about you, but I hate grammatical terms. They always sound more complicated than they are, somehow, lol).

I wanted to write about shift schedules, which here in the UK, we call Rotas (I haven’t checked yet to see if that’s the same terminology as the States, etc. But you get the drift.) I wanted to say something like … Rota(ed) on. And that’s were the trouble began.

Usually, when my brain outright refuses to give up the goods, I turn to Google, and all my problems are solved. Not so this time. It seems there is no agreed upon form of the past…

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