Managing Not So Little Emotions

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We like to keep it real in our household, which means that doors slam and voices get raised and sometimes we all feel like running away. We hurt each other’s feelings and say stupid things and make unwise decisions. So it did not surprise me one day when I found two pieces of art on the kitchen table that pretty much summed up how I feel at bedtime:

IMG_7585Just go to bed already!
(funny  enough, the accidental water damage made the art even better!)

Obviously  it sums up other, perfectly human emotions, ones that my kids experience. I’ve mentioned this probably too many times before: I’m a blunt parent.  So if you’re off your rocker, I’m going to tell you. And consequently, my kids have learned to tell me when I’m off my rocker. And I take it, apologize for it, and we move on.

Well, you know. We mostly…

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