#Writephoto ~ Copper

Thursday photo prompt: Copper #writephoto




Image by scvincent.com


The old copper road

As children we were told that strange things happened

Along the old copper road during the autumn equinox.

I have walked it many times as a child

An old dust road grubbied my white socks

Mother knew I had disobeyed

She would say I was lucky to have returned.

I remembered thinking grown-ups

were very strange beings

I wondered if they could be aliens.

For me, it was a peaceful place to walk

Copper leaves shining under a weak sun

Soft breeze lifting the turning leaves

Reminding me of flamingo dancers, how the dresses

would lift, swirl with each stamp of their feet

I remember the stories of people disappearing

Of stargates, time warps, alternate realities

Grabbing people to populate new dimensions.

As a mother I wondered if I would let

my little ones walk there alone

Suddenly my feet decided to walk it

Something I hadn’t done since childhood

Mother’s house felt the same, yet now it belongs to me

What is it about the grown-up mind

that changes everything?

I could feel the warning in my body to be careful.

I hoped I would make it back to read the note

I left on my dining room table

“You are lucky to have returned…”

©anita dawes

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