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                                                                  #BlogBattle: Clone


All from a Single Cell

Things I dislike about being a twin

I wonder if our egg split in the right manner

I’m right-handed, she’s left. Yes, I call her she

We have odd eyes, one blue one brown

She is like a ghost I cannot shake.

When I look in the mirror

I know I am looking at the exact copy of her

Two for the price of one

A cheap way of getting a twinset

I’m sorry if I have offended anyone

Be honest, how many of you

would like having a shadow

Follow you even when she’s not there, she is

Whenever I pass a shop window

See my reflection, I see her

If you put the two halves of us together

You would make a perfect whole

I guess that’s why a certain person in history

Had the likes of us studied, if you can call it that.

Glad I wasn’t born then

I’m sure that not all twins are like me

There must be a few who like having a spare self

Someone who knows your thoughts

Finishes your sentences

Likes everything the same, not me.

I want to be single, separate from her

That I know will never happen

Unless I do something about it

There have been times when

I could have let her step into traffic

She doesn’t always look before stepping out

I must pull her back and spend

the rest of the day asking myself why.

The older I get, the darker my thoughts

Yet somehow my hand always manages

to save her, keep her close by

A subconscious bond I cannot break

I guess I am stuck with my eternal shadow



12 thoughts on “#BlogBattle: Clone

  1. I agree with A. E. Branson! That line, “Yes, I call her she…” really made me think. Really quite dark — it feels like you really tapped into someone’s subconsciousness. The parts that they never reveal. Very mysterious, too! Great writing!

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  3. “Yes, I call her she….” and that is when you mystified me! I pondered the identity of her ‘other’ while reading through the rest of this piece, knowing for certain only that the relationship was strained. And yet there is symbiotic implication that can’t be denied. I agree with Gary on the darkness, and part of that is because of the depth to which this plunged! Well done!

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  4. Oooh, quite dark ladies and a topic I’ve used with my main book ideas…some of which have skimmed the BB prompts! I’ve said before your words are improving each time and this is another that’s proving just that! Really enjoyed this one. Inner selfish conflict versus acceptance and enjoying the special link many twins have.

    Oddly I’m having thoughts of a mirror for mine too!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Reblogged this on Stevie Turner and commented:
    Just sharing Anita Dawes’ excellent poem on the subject of being a twin. I went to school with identical twins, Christine and Pauline. Literally only their mother could tell them apart. They even made sure they had the same colour hair bands on! We never knew which one was which, so we called them ‘Twin’. If one of them was off school sick, the other one looked quite lost. When they left school they worked together behind a shop counter, but I lost track of them after that. I wonder what they’re doing now?

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