Out and About Taking Photos 2019 – Seasons in England

Jane Risdon

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some photos so here goes. I hope you enjoy them. I’ve been out and about enjoying the countryside and fresh air.

A much needed break from my writing.

All of these gardens and great houses have fabulous walks, woods, lakes, and forestry as well as formal gardens for public enjoyment. They all have the most fantastic histories too. Check their websites for opening details, entry fees, and car park charges (where applicable). Members of The National Trust and of The Savill Gardens who pay an annual fee can enter free.

I have included websites where possible in case you are keen to know more or to arrange a visit yourself.

I’ve taken these photos on my phone camera.

I love reflections. This was taken by me at The Savill Gardens which is part of Windsor Great Park, Berkshire – The Crown Estate –…

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One thought on “Out and About Taking Photos 2019 – Seasons in England

  1. Thank you so much for reblogging my piece, I really appreciate it and I hope your readers will enjoy it. I go off on my ‘jollies’ now and again and often write about them and share photos. This is not an in-depth write-up but as I’ve been busy writing, it is all I can manage at the moment. I do, indeed, have many more ‘jollies’ to write-up. Meantime if anyone loves villages, churches, cathedrals and lovely houses and gardens, then do feel free to browse my blog archives in the meantime. Much appreciated. Have a fab week everyone and keep happy and well. xx

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