#Jaye’s Journal ~ 44

Jaye's Journal x12


I was so busy with the book tour last week that I completely forgot about writing my weekly journal.

The tour has been keeping me busy, but my head is bursting with so many new ideas. It would seem the more you do in this business, the more you want to do, even though there is never enough time.

I have been expecting a new story to appear and dominate my every waking thought, now I have finally launched David Mallory and his complicated life out into the world, but so far, there has been nothing. That’s probably just as well, considering there can’t possibly be any room in my head right now.

Although it’s a wonder my brain is working at all, seeing as I am literally reeling from the amazing response from everyone for Silent PayBack. So many people have praised it and congratulated me, I swear my head is several sizes bigger than it was two weeks ago!


I need to find some time for my bonsai and the garden, seeing as how I’ve been too busy to do much lately. It has rained an awful lot, so that’s my excuse. The temperature is dropping, and it won’t be long before most of my little trees start to lose their leaves. A signal for me to make sure they are ready for their winter sleep. This is where I get the chance to have a good look at the bare bones of them, so much easier to spot signs of trouble once the leaves have fallen.

The grass will need to be cut one last time this year, but unless the weather improves dramatically, I won’t be able to, as it’s waterlogged out there.

It is almost time to rig up the bird feeders too, for the insects and berries won’t last long if it gets any colder. We seem to have more feathered friends out there than ever!


P.S:  I have been learning how to create a video on my iPad from scraps of material taken on a mobile phone.

Merlin was having a kitten moment and this was the result…



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