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I had occasion recently to talk with someone whose actions had once caused me a good deal of pain. I was asked, in the light of later maturity, if I could ever forgive them.

I found that I could not.

I could not forgive because I had never really blamed. I cannot blame what I can understand. That does not mean that I condone, accept or agree with harmful actions. It simply means that if I can see why it was, for that person and at that moment, the only thing they felt they could do, I cannot truly blame. If I were them, I would be in their shoes at that moment and would I have acted any differently? Probably not.

It is something none of us can know. We will never be in their precise position and can only hope that if we were in a similar situation…

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One thought on “Close to home

  1. An interesting post, Sue. Three people have lied, seriously, to me over the years (that I’ve known of) I have never hated any of them but have different feelings for each. The first was one of my God-mothers, a very religious woman, and her lies lead to a difficult time in my family’s lifestyle. Disbelief was uppermost and I can’t forget it, although it’s now a dim memory. The second liar – I discovered later – was a female Water Mitty, so I felt sort of sad on her behalf. The third involved non-payment for writing a book (incurring a lot of work,time and debt) but, again, ‘he’ was a ‘troubled’ individual who suffered from epilepsy, and sympathy came into the equation. I learnt not to be so trusting… x

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