Putting Blogging Advice Underneath A Microscope

Renard's World

A microscope (Photo credit: Pixabay)

Lorren had started a blog of her own three days ago and to make things somewhat easy for herself, she was rummaging through blogging advice from various bloggers online.

“What are you doing honey?” James asked.

She removed her gaze from her tablet computer and looked up at her husband, James and said, “I am trying to learn the blogging ropes from some of the blogging experts.”

“And how is it coming along, sweetheart?” James uttered.

Lorren sighed aloud and said, “Oh, it is not as easy as I would like. These blogging experts are contradicting each other. I do not know what to believe!”

James looked at his wife and said in a calm tone of voice, “I am no blogger, darling. But I would experiment with a few of the tips to see if they actually work.”

“That is is a brilliant suggestion…

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