#Jaye’s Journal ~ Growing old is no fun!


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I always thought I would sail through old age, much as I have coasted through my life so far. Don’t get me wrong, it has been eventful and not that pleasant on numerous occasions.

But I am a survivor if nothing else, and despite several attempts to stop me in my tracks, I have managed to overcome the obstacles that have been thrown my way.

Even the biggies, like two heart attacks and cancer.

So, why am I complaining?

All things considered, I thought growing older would be a doddle, but it isn’t.

I have become half a person.

50% of a person if you like, what with one good knee, one shoulder and hip, and of course, just half of a working brain.

Add galloping arthritis to the mix, something hell-bent on total domination and my days are getting better than ever!

I do try to improve the status quo with gentle yoga and stretching exercises, careful attention to my diet, mainly to stop eating known arthritis triggers, which is harder than you think for all my favourite foods are on that list!

Probably whistling at Dixie (whatever that means) for nothing seems to be working properly yet.

I am currently trying to simplify our workload (when did it all get so complicated?) in order to have more leisure (me time!) and to give the remaining brain cells a fighting chance, as I have an awful lot of writing I still want to do!

I would be interested in hearing how everyone else is coping (or not) with their advancing years…




18 thoughts on “#Jaye’s Journal ~ Growing old is no fun!

  1. I try not to dwell on the negatives even though at night trying to get comfortable to fall asleep is the worst. Otherwise I’m still kicking and have survived a lot of crap too, but in the good side, it makes you appreciate what good there is. I have three older sisters, 90, 85, 80, so probably not going anywhere soon.🥰

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  2. Physical activities: I stretch also. I want to read more, so I balance the need to move more by walking and doing chores before I reward myself with reading. Like you, I also want to write more.
    Other: I socialize either in-person or on WP. I’ve been socializing in-person more, and I’m trying to maintain that given the pandemic and cancellations of various events. But hey, cancellations means I’ll spend more time on WP.

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  3. Hi Jaye, You have my respect as you still seem to write a lot, and have been ‘up against it’ health-wise. I’m nearly 88, and seem to get by with the help of humour and the Spanish sun…I conquered cancer in my thirties (but was lucky!). My loyal husband (nearly 92) is amazing and our three, worthy, sons are all owed medals for being as they are. I have had five mini-strokes over the years, but was – again – very lucky. Just add BP and an obstinate heart in the mix, and that’s my health history sorted.The way I look at it, being an old (mentally 50 year old) human being is a darned lot better than being an old banana…Re-assembling myself in the mornings takes a while, but oddly enough, I’m still as curious and enthusiastic about learning as I ever was. I find people fascinating and love words. Am working on my eighth book….(Husband thinks I have ink in my veins as I’m always writing something.) Onwards and upwards. Take care. x

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  4. Exercise (fell off my bike last Sunday!), fresh air – but not too fresh… Some whisky consumption (not excessive he says), plenty of filtered water too… (now 73!) 😉

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