Only The Light… #Writephoto ~ Lambent

Thursday photo prompt: Lambent #writephoto



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For visually challenged writers, the image shows a ray of light piercing the heavy clouds above a silky body of water bordered by dark hills.


Only the light

I often wonder if I am truly

conscious of the world around me

Dark billowing clouds, pierced by spiralling light

My mind invites much darker thoughts

The clouds seem to pale by them

What lives behind the cloak of darkness?

Ever moving, changing depth and colour

Something alive within, something I cannot know

Goosebumps on my skin tell me I don’t want to

Like a cat ever curious

The dark hills cradling the silky water

Invite me to look

Maybe what lies behind will excite your mind

Help you to forget the dark thoughts

I concentrate on the light

I see a heavenly body with a winged helmet

I hear her voice, ‘Take courage child

Not all are evil when the clouds grow dark…’

©anitadawes 2020


14 thoughts on “Only The Light… #Writephoto ~ Lambent

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