#Jaye’s Journal… Enjoying a happy moment!


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I have been escaping to the garden more and more lately. The weather has been slowly improving, so I should be able to start working on that very long list of jobs that need to be done.

The need to escape, even to the garden, has been gradually building as the news of this evil virus gets worse.

Everyone is getting edgy, wondering how bad it might get. I have always been an optimist, but I can feel it straining to assert itself.

The shops are empty, and the worry swings between getting sick or starving to death. Some choice, eh?

But… (changing the subject, as I’d rather not dwell on things I can’t do much about)

My bonsai are waking up and this never fails to cheer me up, although this year it seems to be just a little subdued.


My Acer says hello…

I have been busy making sure I have everything I need for the repotting marathon, and the wood for the new shelving should be delivered soon.

The rain-sodden grass has been trying to dry out and although I didn’t feel like cutting it, I thought I had better get to it. Just as well I did, for it poured with rain the following day.

DSCF3383 (2).JPG

The rest of the garden is waking up too and did my heart good to see my favourites have survived for another year.

DSCF3374 (2).JPG

My favourite Camelia

DSCF3376 (3).JPG

Not sure what this is called, but I love it!

DSCF3381 (2).JPG

Forsythia, everyone’s favourite

Back indoors I try to come to terms with the virus situation. I can forget everything when I’m in the garden, but it waits for me the minute I come back in.

So many things are likely to change and to be honest, I’m terrified. The situation gets worse every day, yet no one seems to know how bad it will get.

Every time I wash my hands, I think about the people who have already died and pray there won’t be many more.

That a miracle will arrive and save us all…


©Jaye Marie 2020


15 thoughts on “#Jaye’s Journal… Enjoying a happy moment!

  1. No miracles, but lots of humans treating each other a whole lot better than perhaps they did 3 months ago, Mother Nature breathing deeply as the humans retreat, and lots of cat videos and pictures. 🙂
    Give yourself permission to be scared, to ‘mourn the death of ‘normal’, to have a good cry … these are indeed terrible times, and no-one knows who will live or die … but that’s how it’s always been really, when you think about it. Perhaps all the ‘noise’ dying down will give us the space to reconnect with what is truly real in our lives.
    Big hugs, my dear friend, big hugs. 🙂

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  2. I think gardening might be the cure for virus-stress. Sunshine, growing things, fresh air, activity. Your flowers are lovely, Jaye Marie. And you make me want to try growing Bonzai trees. Spring always lags where I live, but I can’t wait to get outside. Happy Gardening.

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  3. I was so satisfied to get my little lawns – lawn is not a good description- more insect friendly than bowling green – mowed as they never had their final mow in that wet autumn. Bonsai trees and gardens in general for the rest of us are one thing we have some control over!

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  4. We need to stay positive and stay at home. Those of us with a garden are indeed fortunate. Imagine being stuck in an apartment (or wth several small children) We will make the most of it and come out smiling. Stay calm, stay well and stay at home.

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