Breath Nature’s Peace- Michael Erickson

Go Dog Go Café

I have misplaced my courageous spot,

Somewhere between here and the ground rumbling.

Peace has long since fled these confined and ever worsening conditions,

How much longer will the days last?

Wherewith has my gumption gone to,

As I lose sight of this chosen path?

My life has lead into a ravine if darkness,

Where it seems all Hope fades.

And now I crawl upon mortal knees,

Blind to all that once propelled me onward.

A beggar in tatters do I now crawl,

Insignificant as the dust.

Let me lick my wounds and dream of solace,

I once had among the waking sun.

For now I sit and wait until the world comes undone.

As I lay down my head to weep,

A faint breeze brings the smell of water.

Patches of lip and spirit weak,

I began to drag myself forward.

My spirit burns a little brighter as a…

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