Thursday 26. III. 20.

Dispatches From Dystopia

It is 03:40 Eastern North America. I went to bed early, awoke early. I resolved to throw away some accumulated rubbish. But first I need to post. J is on paid quarantine leave. She is a little disoriented, wondering what having days and days of unstructured time is like.

I’m hoping for a relationship/intimacy reset. Maybe we could have one of those close relationships where we do stuff together. I’m beginning to feel tears well up, not that I will cry. I read stories where partners do things, but we operate in separate orbits.

Time to drink the coffee I made, starting tossing the trash out. More later.

04:40 AM. I did throw some stuff out. I feel lonely and lost again. I’m worried about #1 Son. He should get through this virus OK. Still I can’t help but worry. He tends to minimize his illnesses. Not that he has…

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