More Important than Silence!


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There will be no #Silent Sunday post this week, as I was reading Jill Dennison’s lovely post about Hugging and decided we needed these more…

Here is an excerpt…

“Today is for hugging friends! Hugging has been around for millennia and is practiced by almost all cultures as a way to connect with others without using language. Hugs have traditionally been given in may scenarios: as a greeting or goodbye, for sympathy or congratulations, and for gratitude, support, and affection. The word “hug” seems to have come from “hugga,” an Old Norse word meaning “to comfort.” “Hug” was first used around 1610, to describe a wrestling hold. It began being used for its current meaning in the 1650s.

Hugs may release a hormone called oxytocin into the bloodstream. This hormone, produced in the pituitary gland, helps lower blood pressure, heart rate, and the stress hormone cortisol. It also reduces anxiety, improves mood and memory, and increase bonding and closeness. Those who hug often tend to have increased empathy for others. In order for hugs to be beneficial, those participating must trust each other and both want to hug. Otherwise, the opposite effect happens and cortisol levels rise, causing stress.


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I love a good hug and feeling sorely deprived of late. So this post is for everybody who feels the same.  Consider yourselves well and truly hugged today!


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15 thoughts on “More Important than Silence!

  1. Good post, Jenanita. Yep, we are all for hugs in our family – tho’ not, sadly, at present… (except ‘im indoors and moi…) Eldest son lives in Denmark and introduced us to the word ‘hygge’ which sounds very much like ‘hug’ and has a similar meaning. Very loosely translated, I believe it means ‘friendliness and good feeling.’ And we all need lots of that right now. Keep well. xx.

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  2. I take the hug with gratitude and a little sadness as I wonder if or how long it will be until I can hug my children and their children again. Dare I to think … that I will hug with my Mother? who knows at 88 you can never know. But I am grateful to be locked safely away with the best of my life. From one who’s hugs are delivered both ways with frequency. To take up the slack as he poetically says. As a hugger, I can become emotional just while wondering … will my 14-year-old Grandson be as free with his Grandma hugs as he was before? will the one-year-old recognise me, make the connection, as the face with no legs that sang crazy songs and rhymes on skype. He constantly looks under the television table wondering where are my legs. x be safe.

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