What do you mean, in italics?

Words and Fictions

Well that’s annoying. I wanted to use italics in my title and WordPress won’t let me. Maybe if I upgrade to the paid version… meanwhile I’ll put quotes in this post, which I’d normally have italicised, in purple so the original italics still show up.

The word italics comes from Latin. The print style was named for the Venetian printer who used it first. The adoption of italic fonts has a fascinating history that leads the procrastinating blogger down many Googling byways. Do explore them one wet Sunday afternoon.

We use italics for emphasis. Just as some people wave their hands about more than others, so do some authors, often putting their italics into their characters’ mouths to avoid seeming too histrionic themselves. Jane Austen, brought up to discreet deportment and quiet speech, can be vicious with italics:

italics p & P 2 (2) Pride and Prejudice, Penguin edition, Australia 2008

Nowadays writers are advised against

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7 thoughts on “What do you mean, in italics?

  1. I use italics. I started to use them when I read on a blog that some folk say you shouldn’t .
    They get used in the old traditional ways
    1. The emphasise something
    2. To indicate someone is having an internal chat.
    And since I self-publish no one can stop me!
    (Exit laughingly triumphantly…. and in a slightly unhinged way)

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  2. Well I enjoy using them now and then, when suitable. I never thought it when younger… but believe I have a small rebel within me who has now matured (along with me you understand…) and dares me. Some ‘rules’ need a massage occasionally. xx

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