Iain Kelly

This wasn’t where he belonged. He was comfortable in town, in the narrow, dirty streets and rundown boarding houses. He liked to be among people, even though he despised them. He felt comfort in the crowd.

But he had to escape. He could feel the darkness descending again. The need. He wanted to resist it. He wanted to stop. He fled to the countryside, a change of scenery.

He needed money, but it wasn’t about the money. He knew that. The money was a byproduct, a reward. It was about power. Getting these women to do what he wanted them to. Preying on them, making them fall in love with him, marrying them, bedding them, making them sign over all their possessions to him.

And when that wasn’t enough, he killed them. It was inevitable it had come to this. Margaret would be the third. He would do with her…

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