August #BlogBattle ~ Tea

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#BlogBattle: Tea


August 2020 Blog Battle

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Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Most people rave about coffee…

“I wouldn’t drink that stuff if I were you…”

I looked up at him, my cup of tea on its way to my lips, wondering why he bothered with his objections. “What stuff are you referring to?”

“Tea… filthy stuff, it’s got more caffeine in it than coffee. Can’t be good for you…”

I wanted to ignore him, refuse to become involved in yet another tedious argument, but found myself speaking. “I read somewhere that tea is good for your heart and your blood pressure. Which is more than can be said about the muck you drink!”

He snorted like a pig. “That’s a load of rubbish! Has to be, it’s just a load of old leaves…”

“Very special leaves that come from the Camelia shrub. Did you know it was once so expensive it was kept in locked boxes?”

“Best place for it, if you ask me…” He reached for the tv remote. I had him on the run.

“They have been drinking tea for 2000 years in China, and then there’s the Japanese tea ceremonies…”

“Still no reason for you to be guzzling it, though…”

As I stared at him, he looked at me, with what I thought was a flicker of defiance in his eyes. Oh no you don’t, I thought.  “If you want any supper tonight, you’ll be a dear and go and put the kettle on… and don’t forget to put the milk in first. Just the way I like it…” 

©Jaye Marie 2020

21 thoughts on “August #BlogBattle ~ Tea

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  2. Fun story! My girls both prefer tea … in fact, they won’t touch coffee, but I am a confirmed, lifetime coffee drinker from morning until wee hours of the morning (unless there’s wine, then wine is preferable for nighttime 😉 )

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  3. Ahh, a marmite like or not equivalent if ever I saw one! Great banter and milk first…from a traditional teapot with leaves not bags too no doubt. Pre-warmed pot to yes lol.

    I came here expecting poetry upon leaves with maybe some reading and astrology thrown in. Very pleasant change methinks. I hope you’re doing ok too after the last one x

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  4. The opening sentence reminded me of the days when you could find coffee anywhere, but tea was never offered. I’m so glad to see that trend has been changing! Nice back and forth between the characters, and I loved the line about his reaching for the tv remote was a tell he was starting to run…. Fun read!

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