Timeless Mind

Portrait of a Dog
Photo Credit: Pexels

Greedy was only 15 days when we got him. He missed his Mother and siblings; only until he saw milk. His life had a purpose. Food, play and us. He loved us immensely, as we did. Brought unlimited joy.

When he was all of nine, we noticed that he was dragging one of his legs.

The vet confirmed it to be ‘dumb rabies’.

“But he is well inoculated,” we argued.

“One in ten thousand cases do get it inspite of vaccination,” the doctor lamented.

What is dumb rabies? We didn’t know.

It is a rapid paralysis legs upward. The dog doesn’t loose his senses and doesn’t bite.

It was painful. Every passing day the paralysis would spread upwards. Until, greedy’s throat muscles wouldn’t function. He couldn’t swallow.

There was an option to watch him die slowly, paralysed, hungry, thirsty, over days. But, how could we give up…

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