Merry Christmas


Over the past week, I have noticed something happening around the blogosphere.

Early Halloween posts, to be exact. Whether they are already listing films or books with scary or ghostly themes, or talking about haunted houses and paranormal happenings, they are creeping in daily.

A reminder of the date.
It is the 19th of August.
Yes, it’s not even September, and some bloggers are posting about Halloween.

I am notorious for moaning a lot, and coming across as grumpy. But come on! Halloween in August? It gets earlier, and sillier, every year. I’m sure it won’t be long before we get Halloween posts in January, with a ten-month countdown to the ‘big day’.

So in the spirit that seems to be the way of things in blogging, I thought I would also get in early.

Merry Christmas, to all my friends in the blogging community.

There are only 128 days…

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