Say It Ain’t So! #attentionspan #reading #writing

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Hello, SEers! You’re with Mae, and I have a question for you—are attention spans getting shorter or do we have too much stimuli competing for our notice?

Remember when networks gave television shows an entire season to find footing and develop an audience? Those days haven’t been seen in ages. Now, if a show doesn’t make a splash right out of the gate, it’s a candidate for the chopping blockaxe stuck in top of sawed off tree stump, chopped wood in background.

I used to think I was above that kind of instant gratification—that I would give a program time to win me over. Recently, I realized of the last four Netflix shows I have tried to watch, I ditched three after only ten minutes.


Maybe because Netflix is like a big TBR.  There is so much content waiting to be discovered, I don’t have the need to let something grow on me. I watch very little TV as it…

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