“Invisible Girl” by Lisa Jewell – Book Review @AtriaBooks #InvisibleGirl @lisajewelluk #BookReview


“No one looked at me. No one saw me. When you wear a hood, you’re invisible.”

The Invisible Girl aka Saffyre Maddox – lives with her Uncle Aaron as her other family members are either dead or uninterested. Traumatized when she was only ten years old, Saffyre has dark thoughts and self harms.  She once saw a psychologist named Roan Fours for an extensive period of time but now at the age of seventeen she is trying to cope on her own. She was bereft when he discontinued her therapy and now she secretly follows him as he goes about his life. She likes being outside more than inside and sometimes spends her nights sleeping rough.

“It’s horrible when you know something that someone else doesn’t know; it makes you feel somehow responsible for their predicament.”

Cate Fours – fifty years old, is a part-time physiotherapist, Cate is married to…

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