Borrowed Wings… again

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

In 2009, after my son had been stabbed through the brain and left for dead in a coma, I was writing daily updates for all those around the world who were sending their love and prayers for his recovery. There was one particular day that I remember very well… I could feel every single thought for him, every prayer, every ounce of love that was being sent our way…

“Yesterday was a heart aching day in many ways, but many of the hardest moments were moments of great beauty.

My son should not be there, should not be in this state. Another human being did this to him, for no reason we can understand.. Nick wasn’t even robbed, which wouldn’t make it right but would at least, give a reason to it. Yet, we are overjoyed that he is fighting back so hard. It is difficult to reconcile that hope…

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