Book Reviews – From Divinity to Carnality

Jessica Bakkers

Eternal Road: The Final Stop – John Howell

When I picked up this book, I expected a sombre tale about passing over and a journey to the other side. I didn’t expect a rollicking adventure through time! John Howell’sEternal Road is one of the more unique titles I’ve come across in recent memory, pitting protagonists Sam and James against historical figures and situations, the reconciliation of their own lives (and deaths), and even against the devil himself.

Howell makes up his own set of ‘rules’ regarding the afterlife (there are no angels plucking harps on floaty clouds here) and sets a cracking pace for James and Sam as they visit immensely important moments in history and learn a good deal about themselves on their journey toward the final stop.

There are moments of levity, moments of drama, moments that tug on the heartstrings, and, as other reviewers have noted…

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