THE BEDDING STORE – My first Outing after Cancer

Slumped in a wheelchair in the bedding store
I spied my body in a mirror
On a pillar
But oh what a shock!
Was that really me?
Lolling to one side
Eyes sunken in almost non existent face
Flesh all gone
Lost in a coat that was far too big for me
I recoiled
This was NOT me
How could it be?
Inside my mind was active
I was alive
I was “normal”
But outside I was dead
Or at least dying
I had “beat” cancer
But I looked dead
Like someone not quite right
How could this be?
How had I come to this?
“Oh look at that
Isn’t it pretty”
My pusher exclaimed
And there they were
All over the place
Little birds and butterflies
Adorning the bedding
I couldn’t raise any interest
Beds frightened me
I’d been in one for eight months
Almost died
One night…

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