Ode to being young again


I’d love to young again

Have all of that energy,

Oh, to be that happy

And to be do carefree,

Playing football in the park

Mun and dad said be in before it’s dark,

Riding my bike all around town

Playing in rivers and climbing trees,

That was my youth for me

My mum and had no money,

But they gave all their love to me

And we never had the material things,

But coming down in the morning after dad had gone to work

And clearing out the open coal fire drove us all beserk

But happy days and memories they were,

I’ve never seen having nothing as a curse,

But now, my mum and dad are gone

I look at myself and say what have I done?

I stayed kind on the right side of life

I’ve never done too much that was massively wrong,

Yet I still…

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