A minor incident

Tallis Steelyard

Rumour insists that Maljie has a chequered history when it comes to vehicles. Currently she doesn’t command sole use of a sedan chair, but then few do. The bearers take a lot of feeding. Her sister, Margarita, travels at a fair pace in the dog cart but for longer journeys you need something more robust.

One long lazy afternoon at the Shrine of Aea in her Aspect as the Personification of Tempered Enthusiasm we discussed the perfect vehicle for Maljie. Admittedly this was in her absence which might have led to a more imaginative approach to the issue. The general consensus was that it ought to have at least two horses, although some felt that four was more appropriate. To put not too fine a point on it, most felt she needed a chariot and there was a general feeling that it should have scythes!

As it was, Maljie was…

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