Chucking Your Long List of Must Do, to Do One Thing – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I have seen the endless prerequisites required to become a successful author. You must get an agent, submit your work, set up your platform, suck it up as they reject your work, start a newsletter, cultivate your voice, love reading, build your street team, read everything in your category, manage your brand, decide on your genre, learn your craft, daydream, and find your compelling reason for writing. What am I forgetting? Oh yeah, you also need to create something brilliant. The list is long, daunting, and impossible to master in a short timeframe. No wonder people quit.

I’ve made a radical decision. I plan to ignore the mandatory requirements and helpful advice, opting instead to compose stories. There is a saying that states, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I trust the devices and skills will arrive at the point in my journey when I need them…

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3 thoughts on “Chucking Your Long List of Must Do, to Do One Thing – Daily Quote

  1. I have emerged from a period when writers just ‘wrote,’Why would I even have to think of technology?! What sort of technology? A minor miracle happened in 1983 when I was actually commissioned to write a factual book about running a small hotel (which ‘im indoors and I had just sold.) I was offered a reasonable sum on acceptance of the m/s, a further sum after publication and decent royalties…Wow! The book (modest) was reprinted and I was asked to write another factual one for a ‘Jobs In,,, ‘ series (Baking & Confectionery) I further updated two of their publications. They edited (eldest son designed cover of first one) & I also received regular Library payments. Oh, and a big publication party…A huge thank you to Kogan Page Ltd of London! AND NOW? Thanks to the assistance of a very bright son, I opened a WordPress site, joined a few valued groups and wrote more books There is a big BUT, the difficulties are totally unfair to the new, good writers who are not technically minded. And the money earned is insulting. There’s another but…writing’s in my blood, so i’ll write on anyway.I love it. Thank you. Cheers!

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